What we make
Reinforcement cages
Reinforcement cages (welded armopacks) with a diameter of 200mm to 1600mm and a maximum length of 14 meters, a spiral diameter of 6mm to 16mm and a diameter of the main rods from 12 to 43mm.

Reinforcement cages are mainly applicable for deep foundations which are characteristic of road structures, 
high-rise buildings,
construction along or in water basins.
Reinforcement mesh cages
Reinforcement cages
Rebar fabrication

Production line for reinforcing steel bars with special software for process management and optimization. The equipment is supplied by SCHNELL, a leading company in rebar processing field.

The monthly production capacity is over 1000 tons.

Rebar fabrications
Roofing sheets

 Production line for trapezoidal sheets (roofing sheets), adapted to produce profiles with any length required by the customer:

LT-40 – thickness from 0.4 to 0.8 мм and maximum length of the profile: 12 meters

LT-20 – with length of 2 meters

The profile can be made of galvanized or plasticized sheet metal.

Roofing trapezoidal sheets
Roofing sheets
LT-20 -Roofing sheets sizing
LT-40 - Roofing sheets sizing